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Tiger Coffee, official distributor for the Oceania region is committed to the vision of Eversys SA where their vision is:


 “To become the leading global manufacturer of professional, super traditional espresso equipment.”


The Oceania region is home to some 14 independent countries extending over 100 million square km of the Pacific Ocean.


With an established regional sale and after sales network, we deliver market leading in-cup solutions via our in-house technical support structure.


Whether you are in Sydney, Perth or Devonport, Wellington or Queenstown, Port Moresby or Suva, we have established the most innovative ways to support the new technology by way of intelligent on- line and off- line resource investments to service the Oceania region also known as the South Pacific.

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Our story began on the other side of the world, the United Kingdom, where in 1987 entrepreneur George Miller began building a vision for supplying great coffee solutions through technology and innovation to the British market.


At that time, it was a dream of George Miller to also promulgate great coffee solutions in the Antipodes.


This is where George Millers Tiger Coffee, firstly for Australia in 2008 and then New Zealand in 2009, commenced the journey into the South Pacific and became an entity that is now the Official Distributor of Eversys in the Oceania region.


Fast track to 2021, George Miller and his team are at the cutting edge of supplying, servicing and maintaining automated coffee and milk solutions to the very sophisticated pallets of those individual coffee lovers that emanate from this part of the world.


The service of coffee has come a long way in the last two decades and the experience gained from embracing old world rituals around the making of espresso and milk-based drinks like café latte, cappuccino or the infamous flat white, using the most advanced technology is still a story to be told.


If you are considering embracing the most innovative and technologically advanced professional coffee equipment available today, the delivery of a transparent fully comprehensive win/win contract is what the Eversys Oceania regional experience has evolved too.


Tiger Coffee Oceania are committed to providing support that ensures a seamless solution to your coffee needs.


Whilst the concept of using milk options including plant-based milk, selecting a modular approach, using telemetry or planning to reduce your fixed costs for productivity savings is driven by the technology of Eversys, the support required to benefit from the advanced technology relies on the energy and effort put in to maintaining and servicing the equipment.


This is where Tiger comes in.


A long-term view of investing in both on line and off line resources to support the product in such a vast territory has been key to where we are today.


Transparency is key so we only service and maintain the equipment we sell and ensure the resources in backing up such a commitment throughout the life of the product is guaranteed with our unique fixed price contract


Reduction of downtime and first-time fix rates of 99% are two key performance indicators that drive us to be the best at what we do, whether it be remotely or in store.

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Some of Our awesome team members

Sebastian (Bas) Contarino


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Megan Perston and Kenneth French
Megan Perston and Kenneth French
Local Hero Café - Australia
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We have been absolutely delighted with our Eversys Enigma machine. The machine is amazing. Every day I use it, I love it more and actually the support and service from Tiger Coffee has made the whole deal. I think if I had been left to work it out myself, it would have been a whole different story. So the combination of the machine and the service has been fantastic. Eversys, fully sick Support from Tiger, even more fully sick
Matt Jefferis
Matt Jefferis
Savour Café - Australia
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Without doubt, the combination of new technology and super traditional design has allowed us to grow our revenue and improve our productivity in the most difficult of times. our decision to invest in the right equipment allows us to concentrate on other things; most importantly our customers.
Darren Rusden
Darren Rusden
Coles Express - Australia
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It's been an amazing effort by Tiger Coffee to install several hundred Cameo's around Australia in a Covid affected world. Thanks to the Cameo and our coffee beans we are now producing café quality coffee. The customer feedback has been nothing short of amazing. We can't wait to see what the future brings with the Eversys Cameo!
Josh van der sluys
Josh van der sluys
Fairfield Park Boathouse - Australia
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An absolute beast that has done everything we could have imagined and more. Coffees are amazing, wait times have halved and an added bonus with super happy staff! Gone are the days of stressing about huge volumes – it’s a breeze!
Nicole Bryce
Nicole Bryce
iVolve - Australia
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Wow! Thank you for the amazing service (all of you) and especially the very quick turnaround. Our staff absolutely love the coffee and our office smells beautiful at the entrance. Morgan went above and beyond to customise the screen for us and it's very appreciated.
Graham Booth
Graham Booth
Muzz Buzz- Australia
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Being purely a drive thru coffee business, at muzz buzz our customers have a very high expectation on quality, flavour and speedy service. Our new Eversys enigma upgrade of equipment delivers on all levels. We are extremely happy with our new Eversys Enigma.
Marvin & Grace
Marvin & Grace
L'Anse French Café - Australia
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We literally are now able to cook great food, serve consistent quality coffee at high volumes and be home to have a life. this is the beginning of something great.
Committed to excellence.
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George Miller

“I never lost the passion for coffee. One day, as I was sharing a latte with Simon and daughter Olivia in a café’ near my home in Sydney Australia, I noticed that the coffee bar was using outdated equipment. That got me thinking. Australia is halfway around the world from Europe and the markets he had been operating in so…….
Would it be possible to start a new smaller version of First Choice Coffee in the Antipodes?
Is it possible to repeat a dream?”


George commenced trading as Tiger Coffee Australia in 2008 and Tiger Coffee New Zealand in 2009. George is a successful entrepreneur, lover of classic racing cars, father of five and semi-retired from all of those things, several times over.


George loves the excitement of big business, especially the ones that he creates, hence the reason for his daily grind running the George Miller Group of Companies.


For a bit more insight into the person, find yourself a copy of:
Life in the Espresso Lane- The Entrepreneurial Story of George Miller and First Choice Coffee -Shirley F. Redpath: available through Amazon.com.

Geoff Marks
Commercial Director

“I never lost the desire to use my hands and create things through innovation and technology.
With a background in mechanical engineering, I have found my home in the elite field of Coffee machine automation that includes intricate skills around software integration and complex product profiling.
None of this would be as interesting without the added challenge of managing a dedicated technical team to service and maintain the equipment that commercializes our support driven company.”

Geoff is the connection between technical, commercial and relationships.

No contract, no agreement or commitment to a client whether large or small is ever transacted without Geoff being involved somewhere along the line.

Having hands on experience whether it is driving to the outback or flying to Port Moresby, Geoff has established himself as the leader of a very organized and experienced sales, technical and customer focused support crew.

Sarah Haynes
Sales and Operations Manager - Oceania

“Working at Tiger Coffee for over six years, I have seen a lot of changes looking after National Accounts in Australia.


The behind the scenes work I do in conjunction with our Group Commercial Director and key accounts including Coles Group -Supermarkets and Convenience/Petrol segments has been an amazing insight into the world of 5th Wave coffee.


Whilst I was willing and able to do anything as National Operations Manager, I never allowed a title or position define what I do in this business.

Working with colleagues I respect and enjoy being around, drives me to want to do more and do it with purpose.”


The opportunity for Sarah to establish a Sales as well as Operational role in Tiger Coffee Oceania is crucial to the new business platform.


Traditionally, it was all about providing scheduled and preventative service calls but with the focus now on highly sophisticated technologies, the role Sarah plays is to totally support the placement of this sophisticated technology prior to installation (Sales) as well as after installation (Operational).


Sarah now plays a pivotal role in providing the Sales organization all her skills that have developed through providing best practice operational support to one of the most successful coffee service providers in the region.


Being a part of the newly created Sales team, Sarah provides Tiger Coffee with some extraordinary insight into offering real support to our clients and potential clients over the following years

David Lagana
Business Development Manager – Australia and PNG

“I was very excited to recently move towards a national role and now that we have the resources and tools to focus on much of the southern hemisphere region, I feel very motivated in presenting the benefits of the elite technology and elite services that Tiger Coffee Oceania offers.”

David is an enthusiastic, self-motivated individual who always strives to achieve a very high standard in whatever is undertaken.

With almost 20 years in both Sales and Marketing roles within the coffee industry, this Melbourne based executive brings a wealth of knowledge to share within the wider Tiger Group of Companies.

Key to the success of building a better, stronger Tiger Coffee will be David’s ability to work closely with his Tiger team mates in other countries within the Oceania region. The sales focus is growing as is the marketing contribution, without compromising the service and maintenance DNA that has established Tiger Coffee as the elite support business for super automatic coffee machines in Australia and New Zealand and very soon all of the pacific.

Kurt Morrison
Business Development Manager - New Zealand & Pacific Islands

“Having worked with the Tiger Group for over 3 years now –

I have seen the shift in business towards acceptance of super automatic to more of an embrace and excitement of what the super automatics can offer – consistency, quality, speed an overall fantastic experience. As a barista myself for many a year I can see the true value of the Eversys range – not removing the barista but just enhancing the work they do.

Leveraging the experience of our Australian business and now focusing our collective sales, service and maintenance programs for all of New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, gives me great satisfaction that our best times in creating experiences for coffee lovers is ahead of us.
Being a part of the Eversys Oceania project is very exciting.”


Kurt is the current Business Development Manager with almost 10 years’ experience in Food & Beverage, Hospitality Management, Customer Service and Sales.

Kurt is a professional focused on beating expectations and looks forward to developing the links to the Pacific Island network, home to resorts and hotel chains where people are looking to escape the urban centre covid lockdowns for a holiday experience, which of course includes great coffee in and around the newly refurbished holiday locations under development.

Danielle Knapp
Service Co-Ordinator

“With Covid-19 being a reality for everyone over the last few years, all I wanted was a job close by to home and something that I could enjoy as part of the new important work /life balance thing that everyone is looking for.


Work for me is interacting with people over the phone, finding out the problem and following up with a solution.

In previous companies, that usually meant waiting for something to go wrong and then fixing it but with Tiger Coffee we have the unique service strategy to prevent a breakdown, or when something does go wrong a 99% first time fix rate in the field makes my job a pleasure on most occasions.”


One of our newcomers to the Tiger Crew.


Danielle is a no-nonsense person that goes out of her way to be pleasant and effective in her role as Service Co-Ordinator that is part of our overall Support structure.


When you want something done and Danielle is the one at the end of the phone, stuff happens which is why Danielle is a valued member of our Support network.

Morgan Young
State Manager – QLD and N.T.

“I love travelling all around this beautiful country called Australia and Tiger Coffee has allowed me to see over half of it, just because of my job role.


Being on the road or in the air to install, service or maintain the Eversys equipment in the Queensland and Northern Territory is something that gets me out of bed every day, with enthusiasm.

Not that long ago, a very special trip from Brisbane to Port Douglas and everywhere in between was a special event.


Over 4,500 km in 13 days with 22 x Eversys Cameo machine installs for the Coles Express rollout was a highlight for 2020.


I have been in this role for five years now and I am just starting to appreciate the quality of equipment and people I am working with.”


Morgan loves travelling.


It is for this reason Morgan is excited to participate in the territorial expansion into Oceania.


Whether that is a new installation for Papua New Guinea or a joint effort to roll out a new hotel/resort coffee service offering in one of the Pacific Islands, Morgan wants to be there, sleeves rolled up ready to support not only the roll out but also the required monitoring and maintenance after the installation.

Keith Craig
Technical Manager -NZ and P.I.

“Especially exciting for me is the telemetry and technology which is being introduced in the equipment.

I work in lots of different environments and can see how the Eversys equipment can benefit the barista – making it easier to have that consistent coffee at all times.


For me as a technician, to be able to control some of the quality from the hub of our office is a real game changer, quality will be watched at all times – quality and consistency is what I am very passionate about. Now this can be managed by the office team so it’s a real game changer – labour costs will be reduced, efficiencies can be enjoyed, quality can be consistent and for both the client and Tiger Coffee, this is the winning formula.


One of our longest serving team members at Tiger New Zealand.

Keith offers Tiger Coffee a balance of maturity, experience and knowledge, with a great edge on the humour.

Having worked in the commercial equipment sector of the hospitality industry over a number of years it was an exciting time for Keith to join Tiger Coffee and work solely on espresso equipment. Dedicating his knowledge on one sector of commercial equipment offer – he found espresso equipment was lots of fun, especially in the developing market and how super automatics were gaining credibility.


From Keith’s perspective he has seen great changes to the NZ market since starting with Tiger 7 years ago, and has seen the super auto’s start to be accepted in the corporate, convenience and commercial sectors. Not just super auto – but now super traditional within the Eversys enigma range.


Over the years that he has worked as part of the Tiger Coffee NZ team he has seen such changes and knows it’s now becoming a really exciting time for Tiger Coffee Oceania.

Sebastian (Bas) Contarino
W.A. State Manager

“After running my own company for over 11 years in the household and commercial appliance industry I sold and followed my passion to the coffee industry. With an electrical engineering-radiation and refrigeration background Tiger Coffee have given me the opportunity to work an industry I love.


For approximately the last 9 years I’ve been working for Tiger Coffee as WA state manager ensuring that our customers and product are treated with the utmost respect and keep the WA branch of our company driving forward successfully.


In turn I have acquired great skills and love the challenge these super automatic machines deliver.


This is truly job satisfaction.”


For Sebastian or Baz as he likes to be called, it’s an ongoing process, moving forward, improving skills and products as we grow and extend our customer database and territory.


Being a part of a highly experienced technical team, Baz provides Tiger Coffee with some extraordinary insight into effective online and offline support products within a vast physical territory.

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