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October 17, 2021


Tiger Oceania

Tiger Oceania Oceania reflects a newly formed agreement between Eversys S.A and Tiger Oceania to help markets not only in Australia and New Zealand but also the Pacific Islands to not only recover from a difficult period but to also prosper.

LetsTalkCoffee@eversysoceania.com  is an invitation for you to discuss the wider market with our professional Business Development Managers and New Sales Executives.

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, traditional machines have dominated the out of home coffee scene.

Now that International borders are starting to re-open, Tiger Oceania believes the job to be done is to challenge every hotel, resort, specialty café, hospital , corporate office, drive thru, quick service restaurant , convenience store, petrol station; anywhere coffee is served that requires a new standard in consistency and quality to review the necessary business decisions  around labour shortages, training hurdles and productivity costs to discover what innovations in fully automatic machines can now deliver to your business.

Whether you are an owner of a retail coffee outlet, multiple store operation, a roaster or have the responsibility to decide the business fate of someone else’s business, there has never been a better time to discuss super automatic coffee machines, accessories and consumables whilst Eversys is introducing design aesthetics, new technology, components and colours to create a more visually dynamic ambience to your workplace.

It is this ambition that is enabling Tiger Oceania Oceania to reach out to you and present a new moniker to your business -The Super Traditional.


For over a decade Tiger Oceania has been serving our clients in Australia and New Zealand with a national team of technical service and maintenance personnel, all armed with the necessary tools to do their job with a 99% first time fix rate.

The tools used to be limited to a fleet of well-equipped service vehicles, modular parts, maintenance kits and approved consumables tested for the exacting requirements to Eversys engineering standards.

To properly accommodate the current territory of Australia and New Zealand as well as the Pacific Islands our on-line telemetry investments now allow us to still find solutions remotely via telemetry, giving the Oceania Region comfort that when you deal with Tiger Oceania , wherever you are located, we will have the support contract in place to provide the ongoing support for your investment.

Whether we need to fly or evaluate on line, we now have support solutions for some 14 countries in the Oceania region. for more information, please email us at: LetsTalkCoffee@eversysoceania.com or contact us using the form below

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Thomas McNeish
Key Account Business Manager - Oceania

Coming on board in “The Year of the Tiger” ,2022, I look forward to the challenges that my new role has to offer.

In an industry which I have enjoyed previously as a business development executive, experiencing many achievements along the way, I cannot wait to contribute to the success of my new employer, Tiger Oceania .

After working for several years with a direct competitor, I have full understanding of where the commercial coffee machine market is going.

I have no doubt, joining Tiger Oceania Oceania is a smart move on my part and having a newly created role that includes making informed decisions for key accounts that will heavily rely on my knowledge-based experience is a perfectly timed investment for Tiger Oceania .

Also, working with a highly motivated team of professionals that aspire to grow the business model for the betterment of coffee quality and consistency in store, I relish the opportunity to contribute to a “What’s in the cup that counts” philosophy.


The opportunity for Thomas to nurture current Key Accounts as well as attract new ones in Tiger Oceania Oceania is crucial to the new sales focus within the organization.

The opportunity arose for Tiger Oceania to utilize the 15 plus years of skills and experience that includes logistics and operational management as well as supply and tendering negotiations in the highly completive area of commercial operations including restaurants, quick service restaurants (QSR), convenience and hospitality sectors.

Thomas will now play a key role in providing the Sales organization with the relationship and contact experience required to understand and manage the complexities of each corporate client utilizing the technology, data and overall support that Tiger Oceania offers.

Being a part of a newly created Sales team, Thomas provides Tiger Oceania with some extraordinary connections to offer best in class solutions to our key accounts and potential clients over the following years.

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