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Super Traditional + Coffee Compact Productivity

The Shotmaster ct/ST is designed as a standalone machine with minimised footprint. It functions as a fully automatic machine, providing up to 4 espresso at a time on 28 cm of space. Its effortless productivity – up to 350 espresso per hour, is ideal for high volume environments where espresso shots with ultimate in-cup experience matters most.


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Milk Options

Patented 3 x10l milk bladder refrigeration options are available exclusively from Tiger Oceania to benefit your coffee service by way of speed, consistency as well as productivity savings.

Up to three optional milk step options on selected Eversys equipment allow a full barista experience (2.0 step) and/or eliminate any room for error with the 1.5 and 1.0 step options. A combination of all three allows the multiple usage of alternative milks including plant-based milk such as Oat and Almond milk.

Modular Approach

All of the Eversys’ equipment is constructed with built in removable modules ensuring rapid access for our in-house technicians to support the Oceania region with a combination of back to base swap, our first-time fix rates and also response times.

Reduction and elimination of any downtime would always be our priority for ensuring customer satisfaction during the life of the product in the field.


With Eversys’ connectivity systems, the ability to stay connected to the machines performance on a regular basis allows us to not only monitor the performance but also maintain the asset from anywhere in the world.

Depending on the Country and location, a custom-made dashboard for sales, service and maintenance would be agreed prior to installation via our in-house telemetry experts.


The service of specialty coffee has some significant fixed costs with rent and labor being the most impactful so the focus on variable costs like consumables and maintenance are our specialty.

Working closely with Eversys Oceania’s official distributor allows a client to dramatically improve the productivity of every element of coffee service in your business model.

Additionally, a fixed price contract with Tiger allows the client to budget for these savings over the full contract period.

The Company You Can Trust
Some of our Awesome Support.
The Company You Can Trust
Some of our Awesome Support.


Key Features & Specifications

Delivering market-leading in-cup solutions

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Standard Technical Data
Shotmaster ct/ST Shotmaster s/ST Shotmaster m/ST
Standard colour Charcoal

Customised colour (on request)

Without steam wand X X X
High hot water outlet X

Without hot water outlet X X X
2 x Adjustable Americano temperature

Adjustable hot water temperature (Automatic) X

2 x 1.5-Step X X

2 x Cold foam X X

2 x 2 milk types X X

Under counter ground coffee disposal

Powder Chute

2 x Crema nozzle (in combination with Coffee Nozzle or Espresso Nozzle)

2 x Single coffee outlet

2 x Cup centring guide

Red lid for cleaning ball dispenser

Bean hopper lock

2 x Self-Service pre-configured (Single coffee outlet, cup centring guide, without 1.5-Step, without steam)

Megan Perston and Kenneth French
Megan Perston and Kenneth French
Local Hero Café - Australia
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We have been absolutely delighted with our Eversys Enigma machine. The machine is amazing. Every day I use it, I love it more and actually the support and service from Tiger Oceania has made the whole deal. I think if I had been left to work it out myself, it would have been a whole different story. So the combination of the machine and the service has been fantastic. Eversys, fully sick Support from Tiger, even more fully sick
Matt Jefferis
Matt Jefferis
Savour Café - Australia
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Without doubt, the combination of new technology and super traditional design has allowed us to grow our revenue and improve our productivity in the most difficult of times. our decision to invest in the right equipment allows us to concentrate on other things; most importantly our customers.
Darren Rusden
Darren Rusden
Coles Express - Australia
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It's been an amazing effort by Tiger Oceania to install several hundred Cameo's around Australia in a Covid affected world. Thanks to the Cameo and our coffee beans we are now producing café quality coffee. The customer feedback has been nothing short of amazing. We can't wait to see what the future brings with the Eversys Cameo!
Josh van der sluys
Josh van der sluys
Fairfield Park Boathouse - Australia
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An absolute beast that has done everything we could have imagined and more. Coffees are amazing, wait times have halved and an added bonus with super happy staff! Gone are the days of stressing about huge volumes – it’s a breeze!
Nicole Bryce
Nicole Bryce
iVolve - Australia
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Wow! Thank you for the amazing service (all of you) and especially the very quick turnaround. Our staff absolutely love the coffee and our office smells beautiful at the entrance. Morgan went above and beyond to customise the screen for us and it's very appreciated.
Graham Booth
Graham Booth
Muzz Buzz- Australia
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Being purely a drive thru coffee business, at muzz buzz our customers have a very high expectation on quality, flavour and speedy service. Our new Eversys enigma upgrade of equipment delivers on all levels. We are extremely happy with our new Eversys Enigma.
Marvin & Grace
Marvin & Grace
L'Anse French Café - Australia
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We literally are now able to cook great food, serve consistent quality coffee at high volumes and be home to have a life. this is the beginning of something great.
Committed to excellence.
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Thomas McNeish
Key Account Business Manager - Oceania

Coming on board in “The Year of the Tiger” ,2022, I look forward to the challenges that my new role has to offer.

In an industry which I have enjoyed previously as a business development executive, experiencing many achievements along the way, I cannot wait to contribute to the success of my new employer, Tiger Oceania .

After working for several years with a direct competitor, I have full understanding of where the commercial coffee machine market is going.

I have no doubt, joining Tiger Oceania Oceania is a smart move on my part and having a newly created role that includes making informed decisions for key accounts that will heavily rely on my knowledge-based experience is a perfectly timed investment for Tiger Oceania .

Also, working with a highly motivated team of professionals that aspire to grow the business model for the betterment of coffee quality and consistency in store, I relish the opportunity to contribute to a “What’s in the cup that counts” philosophy.


The opportunity for Thomas to nurture current Key Accounts as well as attract new ones in Tiger Oceania Oceania is crucial to the new sales focus within the organization.

The opportunity arose for Tiger Oceania to utilize the 15 plus years of skills and experience that includes logistics and operational management as well as supply and tendering negotiations in the highly completive area of commercial operations including restaurants, quick service restaurants (QSR), convenience and hospitality sectors.

Thomas will now play a key role in providing the Sales organization with the relationship and contact experience required to understand and manage the complexities of each corporate client utilizing the technology, data and overall support that Tiger Oceania offers.

Being a part of a newly created Sales team, Thomas provides Tiger Oceania with some extraordinary connections to offer best in class solutions to our key accounts and potential clients over the following years.